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3814 Franklin, Vancouver, WA 98660

(360) 696-0996


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Your philanthropic support of Unity of Vancouver is a wonderful way to give to a system of thought and way of life dedicated to the positive transformation of consciousness on planet earth. A financial gift today of any amount blessed with your prayer consciousness for UNITY will far outlast our physical lives.

To reach the church take I-5. Take the 39th Street exit. Travel west on 39th for eight blocks. The church is on the corner of 39th and Franklin.


Take SR 500  Take the 15th Ave. exit and go left. Then take the first right, which is 39th. Travel West on 39th for about 12 blocks. The church is on the corner of 39th and Franklin.

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We hold these photographers and their photos in deepest gratitude:
Tyler Nix – hands spelling love
Neil Thomas – tree
Ben White – laughing boy
Brett Jordan – tile letters
Sixteen Miles Out – candles
Jaime Lopes – blue keyboard
Joshua Woroniecki – waterfall
Mike Lewis – waterfall
William Farlow – woman/water

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